our services


A new age of marketing has dawned. Powered by the people, Influencer marketing takes your brand visibility to a whole new level. Brand recall is the name of this game and we guarantee that to you !


We visualize, plan and manage events that hum visibility. What events, you ask? Well, events that launch your brand to the stratosphere.


We love showbiz. Our content is produced with all the razzmatazz. Yet, our videos are tuned to create that connect with your audience. Sigh! Aren't we awesome ?

Brand Research

We hummers are research junkies. From industry reports, internal brand guidelines, One on One delibertions to Google baba, we gobble it all.

Visualize & Design

We are pixel perfect. You will love our aesthetics. In this stage of the process, we design and visualize the campaign.

Shortlist Influencers

We have a large panel of influencers who are errr... Influential duh! We identify them according to your campaign goals.

The Story

We are storyteller at heart. How good you ask? As good as your grandma! Yep. We tell stories that people remember forever.


We hummers add sugar, spice and everything nice to create the perfect campaign, event or brand asset for you.


We review and analyse all the goodness we've put out there, as we want you to come back to us again and again and again. We are paranoid about retaining you. Is that love for you? Well, find out !